Downtown Grass Valley

Community Spotlight - Grass Valley Downtown Association

CAMSA Quarterly | Summer 2020
By: Marni Marshall, Executive Director, Grass Valley Downtown Association
6_15_CAMSA_GVDA.pngPhoto credit: Grass Valley Downtown Association

Nevada County Rebound has created a Business Resilience Tool Kit based on a need to unite, assist, facilitate and create a resilience paradigm in order to take positive action and unify our efforts.

Nevada County includes Grass Valley, Nevada City, and Truckee. We are a tight-knit rural community and are committed to helping each other so that we remain vital. Together, as a County, we promote shopping local. We know we are stronger together and collaboration between community partners can only make us more resilient now and in the long term.

Our kit emphasizes the importance of self-education, while making it easy to do so by putting all the reliable resources in a linear format contained in a clear concise document. There are numerous resources for improving businesses; however, it was important to highlight key measures regarding planning for the future and small business action plans.

The kit is intended to share consistent information digitally and not reinvent the wheel. It has links to Stage 3 and 4 State guidelines; therefore, it is still a valid document to keep sharing on our websites. We plan to revamp it, as needed, to include business reopening communication plan guidance, as well as adding additional local resources. Social media resources will include Nevada County Strong and Virtual Shop and Support Local.
What makes it a thorough, clean, and beautiful resource is through contributions from the Locks Media Group and Team V Design. We sincerely thank Jesse Locks whose great vision, connections, and time helped make this kit professional, while also highlighting the heart of the community. Jesse Locks and Tod Wahoske also created NCGVFood to support the Nevada County Resilience efforts, and R&B Communications formed the COVID-19Community Business Alliance and Nevada County Small Business Mastermind. All are examples of collaborations for the cause.

This kit is one branch of the information dissemination. We could not have effectively relayed all the information contained in this kit by printing it out in full; nonetheless, we have utilized it, in part, for those purposes. In the six meetings Nevada County Rebound has had since April 2020, and working with local chambers and other civic leaders, we have implemented a number of actions. Examples are: an E-Commerce Business Ignitor Class to get businesses online immediately; distribution of unified 'OPEN/with curbside pickup' signage for our downtown businesses; instigated the Rainbows painted throughout our County on business windows; a phone tree business outreach, a Covid Business Impact and PPE survey; and a local suppliers list. We are now working on a new 'shop/stay local' campaign that will include recreation activities, public art, trails, agricultural tourism, and community services.

The resilience tool kit has been useful for businesses, and we know that we can use this model for other extreme situations, such as power outages and wild fires. If merchants utilize it and revisit the kit as needed, there are many resources contained within that are helpful for addressing the new normal. Consistency in messaging from all the community partners has been reassuring to the merchants. Placing the links for the Covid Business Impact Survey help the merchants by relaying their statistics to government agencies, as well as clarifying the impacts for themselves.

We look forward to navigating recovery and revitalization with all of you and have taken great inspiration from our Main Street partners.